4500-4800 kW Wind Power

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140,000.00 Ounces

Product Overview

Rated Capacity: 4500 kW - 4800 kW

Rotor diameter: 155m - 166m

Wind Class: IIC, S

- Three-level power generation system with reduced energy consumption and higher efficiency

- Adaptation of different climate environments such as low temperature, high altitude, sand and dust

- Precise two-stage gearbox oil filtration system

- Automatic lubrication system

- Completely independent intellectual property rights for the control system

- Active and reactive power adjustment function and energy management function

- Three-point supporting structure, simple drive train structure

- Good grid adaptability, excellent power quality, and low voltage ride through capability

- Advanced aerodynamic airfoil design, blade leading edge protection and anti-dirt and dust measures


(No reviews yet) Write a Review